How to sponsor a student?

Think it through!

Enabling education is the best way to a better and happier life, and this gesture is a true manifestation of love and responsibility for another human being. However, this decision should be well thought through, because although it is not a formal obligation, it is a moral one.

Taking up a child, we give him a strong support and assertion, that regardless of the financial situation of his real family, his living conditions will not be endangered. This is not a one-time allowance but regular, annual payments, which should be continued at least until the moment of graduation.

Of course, the financial situation of each of us can change. We understand it. If you take part in the program and you cannot continue, we will try to find another sponsor.

It is also worth knowing that for all these children it is extremely important who is their "second" parent. Each of them knows exactly where this person comes from and what his or her name is. 2-3 times a year, each student writes an individual letter for their sponsor, and once a year is also sent his current photo and a summary of current results. Receiving a response to these letters gives everyone a great joy. You can correspond more often. You can also send small gifts and even visit your ward during a trip to Nepal. This allows you to build a unique relationship as much as you want to get involved.

Contact us!

We are a link. Contact with the Nepalese is not only a language barrier, but above all a cultural one. We will help you choose the appropriate student for you and at the same time at the moment requiring the most urgent help. Then we will help you through the entire process of determining details. Arm yourself with patience. Time flows differently there.

Make a transfer

  1. Srongtsen school:
    The money is transferred to its official account. It is connected with some difficulties related mainly to the time of implementation and additional fees related to the execution of international transfer. After posting the transfer, the school issues a bill and first sends it by e-mail, followed by the original along with the first package of materials from the student by traditional post.
  2. SMD School:
    The money is transferred first to the account of one of the organizations associated with Thrangu Rinpoche. For Europe, it is Karma Kagyu Charity, Vajra Vidya Center, in Lindau, Germany. Then, once a year in January, the money transferred to school. This avoids additional fees. After posting the payment in Germany, the SMD School prepares and sends by post a set of documents for the student and after the transfer (in January each year), Karma Kagyu Charity sends a bill confirming the transaction.

We do not act as intermediaries in transferring your money. We do not even have such a possibility from a formal point of view. The aim of the Chance for Nepal project and a group of people united around it is to combine sponsors - parents and students with the links of an educational adoption, which does not require additional intermediaries. It also guarantees that the entire amount will go to those specific persons for whom it is intended.

We verified both schools. We were in them, we taught local students and met their employees. We know what these payments are for and we have no doubt that they are well used. A few adoptions have already been implemented with our help. We have made every effort to ensure that the information contained on this website is reliable and well explained the whole issue. If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We also invite you to Bydgoszcz, we will certainly find time to meet and have coffee together.