Medical training

Observations made during the reconnaissance trip showed that education is a key element of any wise help. Due to our education, we decided to focus on medical and health issues. The deficit of this type of knowledge is very common, and its complementing undoubtedly has a positive impact on the future of young people at the threshold of adulthood.

We chose 2 schools in the Boudha district of Kathmandu to conduct the classes: Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School - in which Karol already had classes in 2015, and Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School. These are not ordinary schools, but institutions that for each of their charges look for a foreign sponsor paying for education. Such a sponsor also covers the costs of food, housing, clothing and teaching aids. Thanks to this, in these schools children from very distant mountain regions can learn, and the level of knowledge transmitted is incomparably higher than government schools.

The training lasted five weeks and covered topics such as: first aid, basic resuscitation, HIV / AIDS, construction and functioning of the female reproductive system, physiology of the menstrual cycle, methods of family planning, hand and oral hygiene. A total of 650 students took part in them.

We have prepared a number of scientific aids. We had multimedia presentations of the phantom for cardiopulmonary resuscitation exercise, visual boards, educational videos, examples of materials used for first aid, a model for learning the proper teeth cleaning, and plush toys imitating bacteria and skin painting paints to teach the hygiene of the youngest hands students.

Becoming teachers was a real challenge for us. Fortunately, our students spoke excellent English, and their interest in both themes and ourselves extremely motivated us to work. We reminisce about every day spent with them with great pleasure.

On the last day in both schools a competition was held, consisting in playing scenes showing the correct behavior in various situations related to the topics discussed. 15 students from each school took part in the competition, and as a reward they received handy first aid kits. In addition, each school received one used computer - a laptop.

Summary of trainings
Subject Form of classes Duration of classes Age group Number of students
Srongtsen Bhrikuti Boarding High School Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School
First aid Theory + practice 60 minutes IV-X class 128 176
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Theory + practice 120 minutes VI-X class 225 135
HIV/AIDS Theory 90 minutes VII-X class 64 56
Reproductive health, structure and functioning of the female reproductive system, physiology of the menstrual cycle, methods of family planning Theory 120 minutes VII-X class, girls 85 85
Hygiene of hands and teeth Theory + practice 45 minutes kindergarden 50 40
Poland and Europe Theory 45 minutes III-VI class 169 130