What is the Sponsorship programme?

Sponsorship programme is a form of systematic help, in which through financial aid we support and enable education of children in need. Nepal belongs to one the poorest countries worldwide. As a result, universal education, especially on a high level, is a privilege denied to many. Through the sponsorship programmes children not only attend school, but also are provided with:

  • a place to sleep in dormitory
  • full board
  • scientific support,
  • clothes and school uniforms
  • assist with day to day activities
  • professional medical and dental care.

It is a chance focused predominantly on a specific child that extends on his or hers environment. There are numerous examples of investment in a single child expanding on the whole community. People supported in the sponsorship programmes, even after graduation abroad, do not forget the unique opportunity they received in their youth. They give back what they were given, taking care of their families and local community, leading to an overall improvement of living conditions of many people.